The Best-Dressed Men at the 2015 Oscars

The men’s sartorial turnout at this year’s Academy Awards was notably better than recent years. Thankfully, there were less pallbearer and chauffeur looks produced by neckties, and there were fewer notch lapels, which is another pet peeve of mine. It was almost as if stars and their stylists started paying attention to what is actually most flattering on a man and not the capricious whimsy of the latest designs. And the overall attention to tailoring was pretty good.

Some in the style blogosphere noted a trend in the shawl collar, which was a popular choice this year. But I’d consider it a healthy does of good taste and a nod to what always worked. It’s hardly new. (In 1962, Sean Connery made his legendary debut as James Bond in Dr. No in a midnight navy dinner jacket with a shawl collar.)

In no real order, here were some of my favorite turn-outs on this year’s red carpet. (I would have included Neil Patrick Harris, but he barely stayed in the same dinner jacket long enough to be photographed. I hope the thoroughly unnecessary and ridiculous tuxedo changes were lucrative.)

Adam-Levine-Giorgio-Armani Channing-Tatum-in-Dolce-Gabbana Chris-Evans-Gucci Chris-Pine-Giorgio-Armani Chris-Pratt-Tom-Ford David-Oyelowo-Dolce-Gabbana Eddie-Redmayne-in-Alexander-McQueen Josh-Hutcherson-Ermenegildo-Zegna-couture Mark-Ruffalo-Zegna Steve-Carrell-Brunello-Cucinelli Tim-McGraw-Lanvin