ASK: Dying Greys, Short Ties, Boxer Bunching



Q: I’m a relatively young guy (early thirties) but my dark brown/almost black hair is already starting to turn grey. I’m getting mixed reviews on whether I should dye it dark or leave it be. Thoughts?

A: I feel you here, I’m slowly starting to go grey as well. In my opinion going grey is like a badge of honor for a man. You earned those grey hairs, and it shows you have “experience”. There’s that cheesy saying: “Old enough to know what to do, but young enough to still do it”. I don’t like hair dye for men, I say embrace the salt and pepper look like a seasoned gentleman. Better to go grey than to go bald.


Q: Hey. I’m a shorter guy (5’5″) and every time I tie a necktie, if the front side is the right length (hitting mid belt buckle, like you say) then the backside is noticeably longer. I know some brands offer extra short ties, but the selection is usually very limited. Any advice?

A: Ah, the old too-long tie. Most guys tuck the back side into their trousers, or stuff it between shirt buttons, but this is a sloppy solution. My advice is to have your ties shortened, from the back side. I have a friend who literally just cuts the back ends of his ties (because he’s really cheap), but a tailor should be able to clean finish the end for a few dollars.


Q: I just got some trousers tailored slim – slimmer than I’ve ever worn. I like the look, but I often have a problem with my boxer shorts “bunching” under the trousers. I sometimes have to pull them down (which can look off-putting) otherwise the “bunching” can be seen through the pants. Solutions?

A: Sounds like you need to invest in some sleeker undies my man. Those baggy boxer shorts are not a good match from slim trousers, since they have a lot of excess fabric and don’t stretch. I would recommend trying “boxer-briefs” with a little spandex blend. They should have trim legs that stay snug around the thighs. They may take a little getting used to, but you want have this problem anymore, and you’ll probably be generally more comfortable. Cheers mate.