A Strong Finish: Waxed Denim

One pair of jeans in my wardrobe gets more use than any others. They’re black with a wax coating, similar to these.

It took some wearing, but waxed denim has slowly become one of my favorite fabrics. The tough crinkle finish gives the denim a slight sheen that is subtly reminiscent of leather, for a kind of rock & roll edge. The coating is also protective, so you can really beat the sh-t out of the denim (it looks great broken-in too).

Due to it’s popularity with stylish guys, designers are now using waxed denim for much more than jeans. Here are three examples of pieces that are taken up a notch with a waxed coating.


Our favorite looks here at Articles of Style are what we call “casually tailored”. Just because you’re wearing a sharply cut jacket doesn’t mean you have to look stiff or dressy. Finding that balance of tailored pieces and casual wear is the secret to a man looking his best, in our opinion.


As you might already know, we also love earth tones and textures. The jacket here is a rare hemp/wool/cashmere blend with a flannel finish, the sweater is pure linen, the belt is bison leather, and the jeans have a leathery waxed finish.


Speaking of cool unique textures, here are those inside-out Horween leather boots again.



A coated finish can give just about any garment a little more edge. For example, it takes this western denim shirt from outdoorsy cowboy to city slicker, real quick.


A suede jacket in a neutral color, like this slate grey “Edmond” bomber, is a real wardrobe changer. It can be worn like a varsity jacket for a night with the boys, with a cozy sweater for a smooth date look, or with a shirt and tie for the business casual crowd.


Here are those wool flannel jeans we were just talking about.



Everybody and their brother has a traditional denim jacket, whether it’s dark indigo or washed vintage denim.

This one gives you the same trucker shape and silhouette, but with a crisper drape and a more interesting texture. The wax coating also protects the fabric against water damage, stains, and color fading – which all add to the lifespan of the garment.


For more outfit ideas featuring denim jackets, chinos, boots (or any other garment) remember you can always use our Style Guide to find exactly what you’re looking for.