The main concerns for a not really tall man, with regard to clothing, and are two: look shorter and rounder than he really is and feel awkward and clumsy in too big clothes.

The choices to made, when choosing an outfit, must be oriented to the momentum of the figure, keeping in mind the rationality and simplicity, combining elements which are able to lengthen the silhouette. Here below: some guidelines that should be applied to your own personal taste and needs.

Slim fit clothes.
A slim line is able to highlight the physical, as opposed to softer and comfortable shapes that add width. A pair of skinny jeans are able to stretch the length of the legs, but it depends on personal taste to choose to wear them. Cigarette pants, comfortable and elegant, are also perfect, able to donate a proportion to the silhouette. Something similar has to be applies to shirts, choosing the most slim fit models, in order to emphasize the shape of the bust. Very important is the length of the crotch, which must be in good proportion to the width of waist. And even more important is the length of the pants,that shouldn’t have any way form of the folds of excess at the ankle.


Lighter colors on top.
To better define the upper part of the body: wear darker colors at the bottom, opting for lighter tones on the bust. It should, however, keep in mind how important is to not create a strong contrast, mixing shades and hues. Some inspiration? Red, white and blue; gray, black and white; gray and plum. With this look you can add a colorful tie or a printed scarf with a short knot, able to give a touch of color.
Vertical stripes.
Faithful friends of the men of small stature, vertical lines are able to elongate and instantly stretch the figure. They can be found in pinstripe suits, on a shirt or over a casual t-shirt.
Avoid bold prints.
The intention is to streamline the look, so opt for bold prints could break the silhouette. The advice is to choose small and delicate pattern, maybe present in collars, cuffs and contrasting linings. The ideal is to give an extra touch to the look without attracting too much attention. A perfect t-shirt printed worn under a shirt or a shirt with fancy worn under a jacket: focus on layering.


The cardigan model help to extend and streamline the figure. Worn open, is perfect paired with a shirt or a t-shirt of a lighter color, thus creating a vertical line.


Monochromatic palette.
A palette made of monochromatic shades, where black and white can be combined with soft, classic and timeless colors as coal, brown and olive green. Dark colors lengthen the silhouette and, when combined with a bit more clear shades as gray and blue, soften the figure without stop or break the harmony.


The lengths.
In order to don’t lose balance, is very important to pay attention to the length of the sleeve. It’s advisable to show the edge of the shirt cuff protruding from the jacket a little less than normal, avoiding the risk of visually shortening the arms. It’s also very important to keep in mind the length of the jacket, which should neither be too short nor too long. In this sense it will be helpful to wear a belt the same color pants and choose a jacket with one or two buttons. These are small devices that are capable of donating a harmonious overview. A chief key to slim the figure are the coats, in fact, the right model is able to harmonize also a difficult silhouette.


The importance of the proper footwear is important for a short man, in fact, shoes with a slight heel are able to add height and improve posture. As for the formal shoes, it’s best to choose them slightly pointed, and, with a casual and informal soled sneakers are perfect white, in contrast with the body of the shoe. The boots can be beautiful on the men of small stature, in particular if worn with jeans tucked in at the ankle, even better if without any color contrasts, such as black boots and skinny jeans blacks. A key detail are the laces: if hidden, they’re able to make the feet longer, if showed, they broaden the feet.