Packing for the Menswear Capitals

As you may know, part of growing the Articles of Style brand involves quite a bit of travel. I’m currently back in NYC for the third time in two months, I’ve been to Toronto twice during that time, and I was supposed to be in Florence for Pitti Uomo this year but had to cancel due to a project I’m managing in LA.

With all this of travel, you think I would have a good rewards card to earn some free trips. Well, after plenty of research and advice from experts like ThePointsGuy, I’ve finally signed up for my first rewards card. The Venture Card by Capital One allows me to earn double miles (two per dollar) for every purchase I make and the miles can be redeemed against any travel related purchases. So whether I’m taking a taxi in NYC, an Uber in LA, a streetcar in Toronto, or renting a Vespa in Italy, I can simply use the points I earn to erase the charges from my bill. No blackout dates, no foreign transaction fees, no airline loyalty, no hoops to jump through.

Therefore, in the spirit of my new found travel rewards, I’m putting together a series on “What to Pack for the Menswear Capitals” (my favorite cities to visit for men’s style inspiration). Packing strategically is an important step to a great trip, because you can use fashion & style to improve your overall experiences when traveling. You don’t want to just exist in these cities as a fly-on-the-wall tourist wearing khaki chinos and a baseball cap. I promise, you’ll appreciate the people and the culture more if you feel like you are blending-in with the locals and sharing in the experience. Look like a local, live like a local!

Here are some suggestions from my personal wardrobe to get you thinking. These are my “10 essentials” for the first three of my favorite style destinations.


In NYC I wear a lot of black and grey. I spend most of my time in the gritty parts of downtown and Brooklyn, so it feels right. It’s also the city that never sleeps, and I’m usually awake more during the night than the day… Think monochromatic. Think sharply tailored, but with an urban edge. And make sure to pack some retro sneakers that you can put some milage on.


In Paris everything is a little lighter, flowier and sexier. I try to introduce some rich color and texture, but keep it grounded with neutrals in warm tones. Think lightweight fabrics like breezy linen knits and silk patterned scarves…and don’t be afraid to show a little chest with a European neckline. Dress like you might sit by the water and drink a bottle of wine with a beautiful local tonight.


In London I usually go for something a little more structured and conservative. Let’s call it traditional tailoring with a country heritage influence. A windowpane suit is a British staple, as is a waxed Barbour jacket and some oxblood loafers. There is no better place to celebrate the traditionalism of classic menswear, so layer it on and enjoy it. When in Rome.

Thanks of reading. I hope this gives you some inspiration to get out and travel this summer! There is no better way to learn, about yourself and about others, than experiencing foreign cultures first-hand. But don’t be on the sidelines taking pictures, get in the game! You can start by wearing the right jersey.