A Simple Guide to Sock Matching

You have a lot of hard decisions to make from day to day, don’t make choosing socks one of them. Here’s a simple guide.

When in doubt, socks should be one shade darker than your trousers:


If those are in the laundry, as an alternative go with socks one shade lighter than your shoes:


If you want to add a little texture follow the rules above but include a subtle pattern, like these herringbone cashmere socks:


If you’re experimenting with “statement” hosiery, or looking to add a little flavor to a simple outfit, start with a subtle stripe where one color is already included in your look:


If you’re looking for something with even more punch, go with vibrant colors that contrast against a more neutral look:


Final note: socks come in a variety of weights. Keep your thin socks with your smooth fabrics and sleek shoes, and your beefy socks with your heavier cloths and sturdier footwear. Consistency in weight makes all the difference.