A Made To Measure Shirt

A Made To Measure Shirt
If you’ve ever compromised on the fit of a ready to wear shirt you purchased on the high-street or online because maybe you have a longer/shorter arm length or broader shoulders, so you’ve just made do with a size bigger or squeezed yourself into something smaller because the thought of having a Made To Measure shirt would be way out of your price league then fear not.

I’m going to show you it is possible to have a quality Made To Measure shirt at what i think is a very reasonable price.

Whether it’s at the office or for a specific event every gent wants to make the best impression and your shirt is a good starting point.

I visited Grosvenor Shirts London to be measured up for a shirt which i will be shooting in a later outfit post.


At Grosvenor Shirts they pride themselves in designing and manufacturing all of their garments in the United Kingdom, using only home grown talent and craftsmanship to bring the very best in quality and design.

The journey of my Made To Measure shirt starts at the flagship store on Jermyn Street W1. The Made To Measure suite on the lower ground is where a exciting journey begins.

With over 100 fabric swatches to choose from and many different added features i was really excited to get started. I looked through the fabrics and was thinking ‘What do i go for’ ? Plain, Bold, Check, Stripes, I was going to take full advantage of basically designing my own shirt from the style of collar to double or single cuff and colour.

I thought i’d step away from a plain shirt and narrowed it down to a check or stripe. I opted for the stripe as my wardrobe contains many check styled shirts.

Troy began taking my measurements so he could get an idea of my size. I then tried on one of the tester shirts if you like to get an idea of style and fit. Even though this was not my final shirt i could feel the quality which made me even more eager.


After selecting my colour options we discussed some finer details that i could add from button colour, to a different coloured lining of the collar and cuffs.

It goes without saying the more added extras you include the overall cost will rise slightly but all totally worth the price for a handmade shirt that no one will have the same. Prices (Starting at £150)


The whole process from entering the store for your first appointment to the finished product will take 3 Weeks which really is no time at all. Just bear in mind if you have a social engagement coming up you’ll need to plan ahead.

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