How to Choose The Best Wedding Day Bespoke Suit?

Did you know that according to the Wedding Links, five million brides and grooms marry every year in the US? With an average amount of $25,000 spent on a typical wedding, bespoke suit for the groom is the most special and expensive investment. In order to stand out from the crowd and look unique on your wedding day, you must opt for a custom suit.


3 Important Things for a Groom Bespoke Suit

If you do not want to be uncomfortable on your special day due to small trousers or a wrongly chosen fabric, take immense care before you select a custom suit. The three important considerations for a bespoke suit for your wedding are as follows:

1) Time of the Wedding
The suit fabric must depend on the season. Lighter fabrics and hues work well for a summer wedding. A white blended wool jacket is a versatile choice as it is comfortable, moisture-absorbing and wrinkle resistant. Blended wool could be merino, cashmere or angora. Avoid flannel for a summer wedding as it is a very heavy fabric. For a winter wedding opt for heavy and dark shades of fabric. Black and navy blue silk lined custom suits would be perfect choices for a winter wedding.

2) Style of the Wedding
The wedding can be a beach wedding, church wedding or a hotel wedding. For beach weddings opt for linen bespoke suits in lighter colors. A black tailcoat over a white waistcoat works best for church weddings. For other wedding destinations, a classic tuxedo in any color will look suave.

The bespoke suit ultimately depends on the fit and the features. Short and slim men should opt for a 3-button jacket with a low button stance to appear taller. Also, they should wear tux pants. For those who have a heavy chest, vests or waistcoats are ideal to give a slimming effect. Tall and muscular grooms should opt for clean lines in suits. They have an advantage of looking good in any choice that they wish to make.

Although all these things should be kept in mind, don’t forget to carry your custom suit with confidence and a bright smile to look perfect.