Seven fold -solmio

Seven fold is the English name of the seven times folded tie, which was born in the late 1800s. The title refers to the structure of a tie, that is not sew together a number of pieces of fabric, but is folded into the desired shape and size of one large. Almost all of the clothing trade ties are cut, sewn together models that contain either synthetic or wool lining. For most of the cutting edge is a separate lining on the inside. This construction is cheaper and quicker to manufacture. The folded model, in turn, may form the outer surface of the inside of remaining in the folds, and the tip on the reverse side is a mountain of material. After the folding edges of the tie to roll and sewn by hand. Model also cut at an angle, which requires a lot of extra material, but helps tie to withstand years of the nodes.

Seitsentaiteltu structure requires three times more than the tie of fabric sewn together, and fine silks are always expensive, so it is more expensive than the other. In addition, the folding of a tie, prässääminen and sewing is slow manual labor. Unlined seven-fold tie creases strongly, so most of the currently inserted a very thin wool lining. Folds due to a tie node usually forms a thick, folded so that the node is a good place to start near the narrow end and a preference for printed silks woven instead. If a seven-fold tie made of weighty silk, it descends sharply and remains effectively in place.

The folded tie identify turning it around and counting the number of folds. If you would like an old-school model, folded, must be seven. In most of them, however, six, with the added bonus within a thin wool lining. These folds are not visible to others, so the seven-fold tie is always the owner of the secret of joy in a beautifully curved pleats are more exciting when entering into a tie. It is hard to say, to see if the folded tie is always better quality than the other. If it is something so different – and this difference is more comfortable in his own experience and the hands of the neck.

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