The comparison between 2 custom suits online stores: INDOCHINO.COM & OWNONLY.COM

With the explosion of online custom tailors in recent years, led by venture-backed companies such as Indochino and bolstered by fledgling, well-regarded entrants like OWNONLY, here is a released guide to show you comparison between those two made-to-measure suits and shirts online store.

Indochino doesn’t just specialize in dress shirts, but in all sorts of upscale menswear, including two-pieces, three-pieces suits, pants and slacks, blazers and coats, and even those tinny accessories like ties, cuff links, belts. Select the styles that you want and buy your favorite, or walk you through its unique customization process to make sure you get a suit that really match your style and shape. They spring for shipping and fees, deliver custom orders in 4 weeks, and have a really simple, neat site that makes your shopping easily. Many of your praised Indochino for its really good looking clothes, from mix and match shirts and slacks to full formal suits.

To be honest, OWNONLY is not very good at making website, but for a new online store (they have several tailors with different brands), we should understand this. But they really have a great product and price, many people say they are half canvas handcrafted, but if over dry-cleaned, can lead to bubbling in the chest area (this is caused when the wool separates from the fusing), The canvas allows the suit fabric to drape properly and will mold to your body over time, so I like their suits, perfect fitted, good price (starts from 379 dollars), that’s one reason why I don’t even think to buy a costly “Bespoke Suit”

I have to say OWNONLY is like another version of Indochino, and it’s not a successful copy, the order delivery time if Indochino is 4 weeks, one week longer than OWNONLY, they both provide a alteration fee to the clients, you can feel free shopping on it. Although Indochino has a little higher price (100 dollars +), but it also has a great shopping experience, their website is really easy-to-use! They all use “Reda” fabric, which is a Italian famous fabric brand, but OWNONLY also use “ZEGNA” & “Lorro Piana”, it said they also have “Cerriti 1881” but I didn’t find it. Super 160s is the finest fabric of OWNONLY, it’s the softest material that I have ever bought in my life.

The last point is that they all have a good customer service, not like tailor4less, they don’t return any product sold.

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